Can I Get Citizenship By Owning a Business in the US?

While directly getting citizenship is not an option in the United States, owning a successful business can pave the way. The US offers specific visa programs with potential routes to permanent residency and, upon meeting specific requirements, citizenship. It is a process, not an instant right – making the role of a Miami citizenship immigration attorney crucial when wanting to get citizenship by owning a business in the United States.

How to Own a Business in the United States

The two primary avenues for foreign nationals who want to own a business in the US are:

  • Starting a New Business: Entrepreneurs who can launch an innovative company offering unique products or services may be good candidates for specific business visas. The focus is on businesses that hold the promise of stimulating the US economy and generating job opportunities.
  • Purchasing an Existing Business: Alternatively, investors may choose to acquire an established US business. It is important to select a company with a solid track record, demonstrating consistent profitability and positive contributions to the local economy.

Take steps to understand the unique requirements and processes associated with business ownership in the United States. Consultation with a knowledgeable immigration attorney in Miami, FL will give you the roadmap you need to turn your business aspirations into tangible results.

Visa Option for Business Owners

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs may get citizenship by applying for an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa. The EB-5 visa stands as a compelling option for high-net-worth individuals with ambitions of US permanent residency. However, this power comes with significant requirements:

The financial commitment is considerable. Currently, investments must total $800,000 if channeled toward a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or $1,050,000 for all other projects. TEAs are often found in rural communities or areas impacted by high unemployment; choosing such a TEA incentivizes the potential investor with a lower dollar commitment.

Sustaining at least 10 full-time positions for qualified US workers over a set period is mandatory to remove conditional status. The focus extends beyond creating initial jobs: proof of maintaining employment is vital to make an EB-5 investment a permanent solution.

Even after meeting all visa requirements, initial legal status is conditional. This means that achieving permanent residency relies upon further actions that prove a genuine, well-run business is adding and maintaining American jobs.

Pathway to Citizenship for Owning a Business

Earning a visa designed for business investors is an important milestone, but citizenship is a multi-step process. After obtaining a green card, other key requirements for naturalization may include:

  • Meeting Residency Requirements: Most applicants must demonstrate five consecutive years of residence in the US as permanent residents prior to applying for naturalization.
  • Demonstrating Good Moral Character: Beyond complying with immigration law, good moral character encompasses broader qualities:

○ Paying taxes responsibly and avoiding substantial tax liabilities
○ Lack of criminal history or actions indicating dishonesty
○ Truthful interactions with immigration officials or courts
○ Supporting the general principles of the US Constitution

  • English Proficiency and Civics Knowledge: Passing tests on both the English language (written, reading, and spoken) and on US history and government fundamentals are mandated. Some applicants may qualify for exceptions depending on age and length of residency status.

Remember, earning a green card is a major victory, but citizenship is not automatic. Maintain diligence in your business growth, personal conduct, and language/civics learning. With ongoing commitment, your business ambitions can also culminate in US citizenship.

The Value of an Experienced Miami Citizenship Immigration Attorney

The application for citizenship is a detailed documentation of past addresses, personal history, possible disqualifying factors, and information proving one meets the eligibility criteria. It includes an initial biometric appointment (fingerprinting and other background checks).

The complicated nature of citizenship application makes an experienced Miami citizenship immigration attorney an invaluable asset. At Dominguez Law Firm, PLLC, guidance extends far beyond understanding visa option:

  • Business Strategy Review: Our immigration attorney can ensure that your business structure optimizes alignment with your immigration objectives.
  • Clear Documentation: The immigration process is document-heavy; ensuring applications are well-prepared and meet deadlines is crucial.
  • Representation and Advocacy: Our immigration attorney in Miami, FL works as your advocate in interactions with agencies, advocating for your interests during the visa and citizenship processes.

Let your ambitions to build a strong business in the US be the foundation for pursuing citizenship. Dominguez Law Firm, PLLC can streamline the process, offering legal support that navigates the unique challenges of business-related immigration law. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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